Wednesday 24 July 2013

Creative Gift Baskets from Bisket Baskets

There are many occasions and every reasons to send gifts to our families and friends.  The common problem is that we always run out of ideas of what to give, I face this kind of problem all the time when my husband leave me alone to make the decision.  I could spend the whole day looking for the right gifts at the complexes and end up nothing seems to be the presentable and practical gift.  More often than not, we just give an Ang Pow with money in it as gift, it is a traditional Chinese custom to give Ang pow but it does not give much of a surprise to the recipients.

With the headache that I have gone through in getting a gift, I find the creative gift ideas by Bisket Baskets is a brilliant idea.  They are the gift expert in all occasions including gifts for pets lovers.  They were the first company to sell dog gift baskets.  I am amazed to learn about this.

Full information can be obtained from their website.  Their gift baskets are hand created in various categories, just to name a few as follows:

Corporate gift baskets
Gourmet gift baskets
Wine gift baskets
Candy bouquets
Cookies bouquets
Birthday gift baskets
Bridesmaid gift baskets
Graduation gift baskets

Based on their 13 years experience in this business, I am sure they will be able to cater for individual needs should you need special arrangements for your families and friends.



  1. getting a present for someone is really a headache. haha.....ended up, we normally will give ang pow

  2. It's always impt to check out the right sources. I've to agree ang pow is best!

  3. I never really thought about pet gift baskets but they sound like a great idea.


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