Thursday 11 July 2013

Feng Shui & Me

Half a year has gone!!

It took me half a year to open this little booklet of Feng Shui for Monkey 2013 which I bought at the beginning of the year, thought I would learn and find out ways to enhance what's good and what are the remedies can be done to block the no good stuff on the Monkeys this year.  I believe the Feng Shui (things around us) does affect our daily lives to a certain degree but I have not put much afford in practicing Feng Shui in our home. 

I read a few pages of this booklet last night for my reading pleasure.  It would be a long way if one were to to practice Feng Shui by the book.  

Though it did not mention any big fortune for the monkey this year but I will continue to buy jackpot hopefully I will hit the million Ringgits jackpot soon. ^.^ 

1 comment:

  1. Haha been keeping this book eh?

    Ok, I wish your dream come true, soon!! ;))


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