Thursday 11 July 2013

Chance to try some skin care and cosmetic products.

I brought back a range of skin care and cosmetic products which have to be used between 6 months to 12 months times after they are opened.  It is a reputable brand which I have been using their skin care products, like Day and Night Cream, and  I particularly like their eye care cream. I have also blog about it here before.

These are other products that I have been wanting to try..and I am allowed to choose men's items for my hubby too..

 A range of body care, skin care and cosmetics products...
 Serum for the neck and decollete (lower neckline), I really like to use the smell too..
The Serum Decollete has now added into my daily skin care application, alongside with eye cream, day cream and night cream.  I have skipped using toner for economical reason.   
 Men's products for Clet - After Shave Gel, Shaving Cream, and Revitalising Cream.  He doesn't use any of such products before but doesn't mind using them now.
 2 types of masks. Have not been using mask for quite sometime now.  I have tried the Purifying Care Mask last Saturday.  I feel my face more supple after using it.  Will use it more frequently if time permits.  
 Shampoos and conditioners.  Not having a nice feeling after using the Dandruff shampoo..probably due to its natural ingredients, it lacks of the smoothening agents hence drying up my hair after wash, luckily the conditioner helps to moisturise my hair a little. 
 Now I have more lips colours to match my clothing and my mood.  The Mocha Latte and Ice Rose, giving me a warm and cool colours selection.  I find the Mocha Latte, which is a warm colour suites me better. 

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