Thursday, 18 July 2013

The most important meal of the day

On the way sending my girls to school this morning, my stomach started rumbling.  My mind started to search for a place to get my breakfast, and still the most convenient place is a little shop under the staircase in the complex where my office is, I could also get a parking space easily at the early hour.

I grabbed a packet of fried meehoon and a box of nasi lemak. Usually I would eat one and leave one for my lunch.  But not today, I finished both during breakfast. so I started my day with heavy breakfast today and soon I am feeling sleepy on my work desk, yet another sleepy day at work.

I am wondering why am I so hungry these few days?  Could it be due to the additional vitamins I started to consume recently?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I really do not mind having heavy breakfast, preferably a healthier ones, and a lighter lunch.  


  1. yes, very true!! i really don't mind to have a heavy breakfast, as many people say "breakfast like a king".. i guess it's perfectly alright for you to have both fried beehoon and nasi lemak at one go once in a while, but not everyday lah right?? hehehe~~

    1. You are right SK, can not have nasi lemak every day..wholemeal bread would be a better choice.

  2. i would prefer a light breakfast. I just can't stomach a bowl of noodles in the morning. but I can during lunch or dinner. haha...

  3. Nasi lemak as breakfast sounds very nice leh! It's been a while since I had nasi lemak!

  4. It's almost dinner time...Looking at your nasi lemak picture is making me crave for it!!! Yummy!


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