Wednesday 3 July 2013

My blogging, My business

I have been absent from blogging and missed visiting friends' blogs lately.  Time is the main factor.  There are so much stuff in hand to work on and to get done with, weekends are as busy as week days as I have to man my Kids Fashion Shop.  Without a shop assistant I can only open my shop for business during weekends when I am off from my full time job.

The new staff that I mentioned in my last post only worked for one day and sms me the next day telling me that her teacher asked her back to school for an interview regarding further study, which is a total lie.  Her mum told that she has started to work for a gaming outlet under the influence of her friend. 

Will be meeting 2 potential candidates this week, hope to find a reliable staff soon so that my shop business operation will be back to normal.  

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  1. Looks like you're very busy!!

    As long as you enjoy what you do, blogging can comes next ;)


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