Sunday 14 October 2012

A birthday present

Crystal insisted to make a glass beads necklace for her classmate's 9th birthday last week.  She requested me to buy more beads for the colours she needs to complete the necklace.  But I reckoned that for the beads that we have, she shall be able to mix and match to come out with a reasonably nice necklace for her best friend, Carnie.  In a way I am training her to be more creative and cost effective..*.*

The beads and findings to make the necklace

With my little guidance, she finally managed to finish her beading and come out with a nice glass beads necklace.  A combination of faceted clear and blue glass beads, and 2 sizes pink shades Swarovski beads. 

She received complimentary comments from her friends at the birthday party, some even asked her where she bought it and how much. :)

She told me that one of her other friend is celebrating her birthday soon.  She has already planned to make another necklace for her as soon as she receives her birthday invitation.  


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