Saturday 27 October 2012

Experiencing Archery

That was last weekend we stumbled upon this archery shooting outlet at 1Borneo.  It's the first time our girls experiencing the bow shooting game of Archery.  

We paid RM12.00 for 24 arrows/bows for 2 players meant for my 2 girls.  I myself had participated an Archery competition organised by my previous employer more than 10 years ago where I got a 3rd placing among my peers.  I can tell you that I am a born Archer as I am a Sagittarian woman, ^.^  I should have pursued as an archer who knows I can bring honour to the country..{dreaming}.

Back to the archery game:

guide on how to hold the bow set and aim by daddy
a guide on the posture by the staff

aiming to shoot 
Pearl rejected to the game at first but willing to have a try after seeing her jie jie having fun towards the end. Only 2 bows left for her by then.  She is still too small and not strong enough to handle the bow set.  At least they have got some idea of what Archery is about through this game.


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