Monday 5 August 2013

My first Sewing Project

To follow up with my previous post on my new sewing machine, my very first project is to turn my girls' yellow taekwondo belts into yellow green belts by adding green casing into their existing yellow belts.

They had their taekwondo upgrading test in May this year and due for another upgrading test in school in September this year.  For curriculum activities, my girls join the taekwondo class in school, it is also a good way for them to do a bit of exercise.   They need to put on their current grade belts during their classes and most importantly on the day on upgrading test.  To buy yellow green belts for only a few month is simply waste of money so I decided to cover the belts up with green casing.  
 Original yellow belt with green clothes
 the sewing begins
 the casings/pockets to cover up both ends of the belt
 the belt is too thick for my sewing machine, I wouldn't want to spoil my new machine so I need to use needle to sew the closing of the casing / pocket up
two yellow green belts.  My first project is done.


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