Thursday 1 August 2013

Singer Sewing Machine

My mind was thinking of getting a sewing machine a few weeks ago for the convenience of "repairing" the minor wear and tear clothing, and also for sewing up loose threads on the new clothing. 

Without mentioning to each other, Clet also has in mind to get me a sewing machine so that I can help him to  do alterations and repair on his jeans and clothing.  

At first we thought of getting a basic one without knowing the technology has advanced to providing many sewing functions which impress us very much.   After seeing the demonstrations on a couple of machines at the Singer outlet,  we decided on 988 model.  This has become my early birthday and Christmas present for this year.  A present is never come too early and I am very happy with it.  But this is not a heavy duty machine, materials as thick and as hard as jeans are not advisable to be sewed with this machine.  Clet is a bit disappointed on that.  
it comes with a cover
this model has got a digital screen and 156 patterns

these are some of the patterns that this sewing machine can produce including the button holes

these are the accessories which I will have to figure out how to use some of them

the pedal and a casing for the accessories.  

I have attended basic sewing classes years back, now I will have to rely heavily on the internet to guide me should I want to make a skirt and a dress.  Will tell you my first sewing project on my next post.


  1. Wow! My mom will love this kinda sewing machine. As for me, I've never liked sewing so... :D

    1. I like sewing, I just need to polish up my workmanship and be patience.

  2. I have a singer sewing machine about a decade ago. I didn't use it. Maybe I should take it out to use.

    1. ya..maybe you can sew up something nice and I can learn from you too..

  3. My first time using a sewing machine was when my boy entered primary one early this year. I got to sew his name tag onto his uniforms. Took me hours ! *sweat*

  4. my sewing skill is bad...can't even operate a sewing machine.


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