Sunday 13 December 2009

Christmas Decoration is up

While I was busy baking cookies this afternoon, I asked Pearl to help me to take some of our Christmas decorations that Clet has put up inside the house. Most of the decorations are old ones. I can feel that this year's celebration is very quiet, the mechandise and decorations put up by the shopping complexes are much lesser than previous years, recession has really set in...:(


  1. nice decorations..Christmas is just less than 2 weeks from now..have to start thinking of presents and food to cook that day

  2. Carolyn, I just had my side of family Christmas & my mum's birthday last night, will post it later.

    Susan, the climbing Santa supposed to be climb up to the roof to find a chimney...guess he is a bit lost with no chimney here..hahha..


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