Monday 18 February 2008


February 15 each year would be a joint birthday celebrations in the family. Crystal and Zac coincidentally borned on the same day in year 2003 and 2007 respectively. Crystal is pretty much excited about birthdays. She would ask when is her next birthday not long after her last birthday party..To avoid all the nagging, we only told her about our plan for her birthday just few days before that. I get her to help prepare 30 goodies bags for her little friends at shcool, particularly she would like to give to her best friends, May, Meagan and Kelly. We celebrated her birthday both in school and with family members where she enjoyed to the fullest.

Little blackforest cake to celebrate with her little friends at school

A princess strawberry cheese cake for the party at night (it supposed to be a pink colour one and I got 5% discount for the mistake the cake house made).

The birthday stars for the day

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Crystal!!!
    lots of smooches fr aunty Kelly


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