Tuesday 24 May 2011

It's Finally on

Clet called to inform me that our streamyx line is finally up and running..but...have to hook direct..what does it mean?? Whatever it is, I am sure Clet will get it fix.

I have been following up with the Telekom's customer service for 3 days in a row to make sure they get their contractor to transfer the internet service for us. We are unable to use our internet even after our phone line has been transferred to our new home last week. The Telekom's customer service officer has told me that it will only take a week to get everything up and running and we can just hook on internet as soon as our phone line is on, in actual fact this is not the case. They have different contractors for the phone line and another contractor to connect the streamyx line. After waited for more than a week for the phone line to get transferred, we have to wait again for the internet. All of us in the house are getting very impatient already. I have to keep showing my face at the Telekom office to report that they have not finished their job yet. Luckily the Telekom branch is just one block away from my office.

After they had connected the internet line for us this afternoon, I received a phone call from Telekom KL to check with me whether the line is OK. It is a good customer service on their part to check with the customer, but to take more than a week just to transfer the services is a bit too long, hope this will not happen to business corporations who rely heavily on internet nowadays.

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