Sunday 28 August 2011

Home grown Vegetable plants

My colleague gave me some eggplant seedlings many weeks ago, we transplanted them into a black plastic bag and left them at the backyard. A few days a ago, we noticed that the plants have grown a lot and been attacked by fungus or some kind of pesticide.

We took them all to the front yard, and transplanted them into bigger pots. We do not intend to use pesticides nor fertiliser, because we are trying to have organic home grown vegetable, if they ever bear egg plants, we could expect them to be small and skinny eggplants..:D

Egg plant tree

a small egg plant tree
this is the one attacked by fungus

I also grow some vegetable plant like this one, but I have forgotten what it is. I bought the seeds from tamu, there is no mention of what seeds on the plastic, I forgot all about what seeds I have bought. They do look like Sawi to me..

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  1. Homegrown veggie is always the best. Hopefully you will see baby eggplants sprouting out soon!


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