Thursday 1 December 2011

Lighting Fixtures

I always like the coziness of the hotels' room, of course I mean those with at least 3 stars hotels. I realise that it is because of the effect of the lighting fixtures, and the type of lights that the hotels choose to use in their rooms.

Some of the lights that they used are very simple not those fancy types but yet able to give their guests the welcoming and coziness effect. The lighting fixtures are just at the right place. Usually there is a lamp shade by the bed side, down lights at the door way, small lamp just right on top of the dressing mirror, and of course one in the wash room. I realise that they use dim lamps and bulbs to achieve the warm effect which we can also do the same for our home.

As I do not have bed side lamps yet, to have them would sure lift up the warm and coziness for my bedroom. As for my front porch, I would like to fix an antique outdoor wall light, that will give a total make over look from outside.

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