Thursday 23 February 2012

Remedy for phlegmy cough

One of my mum's friend gave her this natural remedy for phlegmy cough a couple of months ago. The ingredient is simply Unsalted duck egg, water and rock sugar, a slice of ginger is optional, double boil all the ingredients for one hour. My sister gave it a try last week and it does relieve the phlegmy cough problem for her daughter who has been coughing for months and my dad whom is a asthma suffer, felt the relieve too, and my dad love it and asks for more.

My mum knows that I am having a bad cough since Chinese New Year and not getting any better, she asked me to try it too.

As the ingredients called for the Unsalted duck egg, it is hard to find unlike the salted duck egg which is plentiful in the market.  My sister only managed to buy some at the Inanam tamu.  I got 3 eggs from her.
 The ingredient : Unsalted Duck Egg, Rock Sugar
 I bought this pot especially for this purpose
the ingredients are all in my new pot now
Here you go into a bigger pot with half filled water ready to double boil for an hour

After an hour, the duck egg is now boiled and the rock sugar is all melted, very sweet. 

A small slice of ginger can be added to it if you do not want too much of the cooling effect of taking this.  I have taken it last night and have not feel any obvious improvement on my cough yet, like any other natural remedy, one can not expect to have miracle cure instantly.  I still have got 2 more duck eggs, I shall try them all to see whether this formula will do any good to my sensitive airway problem. 


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  2. this is very amzaing and i wanna have try

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