Tuesday 21 February 2012

Need cure for Hives, the allergy

It always very tiring and mind exhausting when our kid is not feeling well, Crystal has been suffering from allergy  since December last year, I believe it is the kind of allergy called hives which usually come after midnight when one is resting, the itchiness is hard to bear and it is burning hot on the areas where the hives attacked, the more you scratched the faster and wider it spreads on the body.  What she is suffering now is exactly what I had experienced when I was a kid till my adulthood.  I am really sadden with the fact that she has inherited the hives from me. It is disturbing me so much every time I see her suffers from it.  She has been having sleepless nights that she has to absent from school the next day.  She is taking a sick leave off from school today because of the nasty hives attacked last night.  She woke me up 3 times after midnight to ask me to help her spray the acid water on her body which she finds has a bit of relieve of the itchiness, but acid water alone can not do much help, the hives covered the whole of her back on the 3rd time she woke me up.  I think she only managed to get some rest just before the alarm clock rings.  While she is weak and lost her appetite, she got diarrhea and has to visit the toilet 3 times today.  She has to take the allergy control herbs and also the diarrhea today.  

We have tried to clean her room, take supplements, change washing powder, shower soap, refrain her from eating certain food, bathe with herbs and so on, nothing seems effective.  The hives come back a few days after medication.  

At the moment she is taking alkaline water and the acid water for skin for the past 1 week. Thanks to our nephew and family for offering the alkaline water. 

I have searched through the internet to find cure for hives, but to no avail so far.  My parents have brought me to Chinese and Western doctors for treatment during the time I suffered from hives but no one treatment can give me a cure.  I had undergone many traditional treatments that aunties, uncles, grandmas have recommended to my parents, some were pretty weird, I tried them any way with the hope that they can get rid of the hives.  The hives attack was serious that I fainted in my bedroom without anyone realising because it was over midnight.  I have to take medicine to control the hives and later of the years I undergone a serial of Chinese medical treatment.  It slowly went disappear when I was in my 20s.  I could not go back to this Chinese doctor because he's no longer around.  He was already in his 90s when he treated me with the help of his daughters. 

I am sharing this here with the hope that anyone whom could share and know the treatment of hives.  There are many of us hives sufferers out there desperately need cure. Suffering from Hives is depressing and disturb our daily lives.       


  1. Oh dear, hope that Crystal's condition will improve quickly. In the meantime, hope that the alkaline water can help alleviate some of her itchiness...Here's wishing her a speedy recovery.

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