Sunday 30 September 2012

Moon Cake Festival / Mid-Autumn celebration - 2012

I did not prepare any special dishes for Moon Cake / Mid-Autumn Festival at my own home this year.  I spent the whole morning doing house chaos, preparing lunch, this and that, then realised that half day is gone, and I have not started doing revision with my girls yet whom will be having their last term of examination  starting tomorrow.

I spent the whole afternoon doing revision with Pearl.  The examination scope is too wide in this final exam.  Pearl, a Primary 1 student, she needs all the guidance as she still can't do her revision independently like her big sister does. We spent four hours revising while Crystal taking a nap after finishing her own revision.

 We were invited to younger brother's home for dinner at last minute, I haven't got the time to prepare anything, merely able to bring along a moon cake and zoomed we went for the dinner after shower.  

We had a simple but filling meal prepared by SIL, Catherine.  Thank you *.*

Children with their Lanterns / Tang Lungs

 Close up of Crystal and Pearl's lanterns.  2 pieces for RM3.50.  Need to place candle to light it up.

 later, Ensond joined in with his tiny mini lantern which created a bit of havoc (fighting over it)
 Pearl with lotus lantern belongs to Dylan.  Anneliese with her own musical lotus lantern

 moon cakes after meal is a must on Moon Cake / Mid-Autumn Festival
 thrill cutting up moon cakes
 moon cakes are best served with Chinese tea or whatever tea will do :)
 Crystal with grandma enjoying moon cakes
 another round of playing with the lanterns at home before retired to bed to get ready for their examination tomorrow.  


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  1. Good luck to your Agnes in her exam! Hope she'll do very well!


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