Tuesday 1 April 2014

Fashion Bazaar at Suria Sabah

I spent the whole of my last weekend at a fashion bazaar at Suria Sabah.  I booked a slot 3 weeks ago when the organizer came to promote at my shop.  It was the  venue of the bazaar that caught my attention. I thought by having a stall at a more crowded shopping mall would allow me to fetch more sales. Much to my disappointment that the sales was not encouraging, most of the stall owners were unable to even cover the 2 days rental that we had paid.

The set back is the bazaar was located at the very end of the mall on the 6th floor where usually it is empty with no activities. Promotions from the organiser is also lacking.   Friends that I know of having fashion shops around major shopping centres in the city are experiencing bad sales after the Chinese New Year season.  BR1M has no impact to boost the sales up.

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