Thursday 13 November 2014

Iron on patches - Disney's Frozen

I bought a piece of the Iron On Patch of Disney's Princess image from the local shop many weeks ago but the patch did not stick on the T-shirt, I gave up before my T-shirt got burnt under the hot iron.

I have seen so many Iron On Patches on youtube, it should work.  I would like to try it again.  After many weeks of waiting, I received my purchase of Iron On Patches through the post yesterday.  There are 4 Disney's Frozen images.

It did not fail me this time, the image was easily transferred within a couple of minutes under the hot iron.  Here is what I got with a Frozen image on my T-shirt. It is ready to wear. Just hope that the image will not fall off after wash.

I used the same T-shirt that I used for my first attempt weeks ago.  You could noticed that there are still some glue stain on the top left from the unsuccessful patch transfer.

These are the four Frozen Iron On Patches that I bought.  It costs me about RM4.50 per piece.   

Here is the instructions on how to do the transfer.  Very easy.     

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