Monday 8 December 2014

Nona Moist Luxury Double Chocolate Flavoured Cake

Looks like I can resume my baking activities after more than 3 years of putting my cake baking stuff into the store..I have to dig them out to make a bread yesterday (which turned out to be slightly  softer than a rock).

Tonite, to respond to my daughter's  persistent requests, we made chocolate  cakes together.  I bought a box of Nona cake mix for convenient sake.  I let her read the instructions  and get ready the ingredients needed.  I only came in to do the tedious part and the best thing is she promised to do the washing which she did. 

I followed exactly 55 minutes of baking.  The cake was partly  burned on the top and bottom.  After cutting off all the burnt parts, only leaving the middle part of the cake for them to enjoy.  

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