Wednesday 18 February 2015

Home baked cookies for Chinese New Year 2015

My oven has been made full used of on this Chinese New Year after more than 3 years sitting in the kitchen.

I have attempted 5 types of cookies this time with 3 of the recipes shared from a cousin whom baked cookies for sale for the past years.  She didn't  bake any this year because she has started a full time job.  While the pineapple cookies and colourful butter cookies, I found the recipes online. 

Now then I realised making cookies for sale is not an easy task as I first thought.  It is not just time consuming, the produce are not as many as I expected, the cost of ingredients also becoming costly..the profit margin is not as good. 

I made some for sale, some to give as gifts and whatever left are for self consumption.  The most satisfying cookies that I have made would be the pineapple cookies.  It is also Clet's favourite.
Pineapple cookies

Chocolate rice peanuts cookies, Butter Cookies and Cornflakes Cookies
Butter with Chocolate rice cookies
Butter Cookies
Colourful Butter Cookies

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