Friday 15 May 2015

Baking Experience - Egg Tarts

The making of egg tarts is not a very difficult process. These egg tarts were made before Chinese New Year when my fever of baking was on high.  I have not been touching my oven for these last 2 months. 

the crust mixture

press into the moulds before sending into the oven

half baked egg tarts crusts ready for egg custard mixture 

the filled up egg tarts ready for baking

it's done.  The crust looks just nice

took pictures of my efforts for records,  Don't know when I will make some egg tarts again.  


  1. Aww...lovely and delicious. Ok...**self confession I never bake egg tart before.

  2. I love egg tarts but baking is not in my blood. Lol. Maybe one day I will try baking in my kitchen.

    Your egg tarts are lovely. Hope you get your baking gig back and start making some lovely and yummy bakes.


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