Saturday 3 December 2016

Food Talk

Let's start with something we had for breakfast.  It's been a while I did not have meals at Kuo Man Kopitiam at Sunny Garden, they are famous for their fish soup.  I am not willing to pay extra GST charges for fish soup that I could find better elsewhere.  Just 2 weeks ago, we happened to be around the area, we went to have breakfast there. To our dismay, when we asked for tissue, the waitress took a small packet of tissue to sell to us...they can't even provide tissue to their customers ??? Even a small food stall give us a piece of tissue together with the fork and spoon or chopsticks lah.  It's going to be another long while I will eat there again. 

Kuo Man Konlou mee with fish paste soup
Kuo Man Kopitiam Mee basah 
Meehoon soup fish cake from Kuo Man Kopitiam
Vegetable rice for lunch at Indian kopitiam, my daughter commented "Mummy, you come to Indian shop to eat these vegetable dishes only ? Shouldn't you have some curry dishes??"  She's right but I was not into curry that day.  
We had pisang goreng cheese, lots and lots of cheese after my vegetable meal.

This looks miserable right?  My better half had this for dinner, he had no complaint, I guess that taste must be good.
I had this Thai Style chicken rice, it's hot & spicy, cukup rasa (tasty).

That's all for this food talk post.


  1. Such a heavy breakfast you have! After all everything looks so tempting :p

  2. Ooo. So many dishes I havent tried before. Would love to revisit Sabah some day.

    Havent try the pisang goreng cheese although there is few selling here. Still cannot imagine the taste.

    Lol. Vegetable dishes minus curry in Indian shop. Unusual.


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