Tuesday 24 January 2017

Relieving Cough and Flu

We were down with cough and flu in the beginning of this month. We will try to heal ourselves with natural remedies first if all that we have done have no effect, we will then visit the doctor. 

I am glad that with some natural home remedies, my girls have got well, but both of us old folks started to get the virus after that. The cough and flu have disturbed our daily activities and night sleeps.  Unfortunately with my busy workloads, I could not take any leave off from work. My better half came home one day and told me about a natural remedies that his friend asked him to try. It is said to be able to relieve cough and flu. With me sniffing away with my flu, I tried the steam orange recipe. We had the steamed oranges 2 consecutive nights, it does help to relieve chesty coughs thus reducing the coughing at night but it is not a cure to stop the coughs, coughing is hard to heal, especially to me whom has asthma problem. Here's how the steamed oranges is prepared.

I have to say that the steamed oranges is delicious and I do not mind having it as a dessert.


  1. I know lemon helps in cold and cough. Not sure of oranges but both are fruits and high in vit c. Should be able to help.

    Hope you get well soon. When someone in family caught a virus, everyone will usually follow. Haha.

    Happy CNY to you and family. Gong xi fa cai.

  2. Didn't know steam oranges can help cure because in my mind I always thought oranges will make cough worse

    I had decided that in future if I have cough, I will turn to TCM cos western medicine are not so good for health, TCM is better

    Get well soon and take care, CNY is coming, do cut down on the heaty food and the snacks

    Happy CNY to you and your family Agnes

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

  3. Thanks for sharing. I've always wonder of that works. Glad to know there is homemade remedy out there that works. I prefer natural ingredients for everyday use.


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