Friday 24 March 2017

Online shopping spree

I have had an online shopping spree last month. After a long wait for the parcels to arrive to my office, only realised that most of the parcel are actually delivered to my office post box as all of them are from different sellers and the size of the items as small. they can be easily slotted into post box.  Glad that my purchases arrived safely.  Since we can not personally touch the items before buying, there is no surprise that some are of low quality but still usable and the prices are relatively cheap, so can not complain much. 

glass crystal ball chandelier, arrived with no scratches, very satisfy with them.
surprisingly this silver bracelet is quite heavy and the quality is better than I expected
due to long distance handling process, I can expect some kind of damage, luckily this can be fixed easily. Below is the front of the hair clip.

very light weight bangles
jewelry set, a bit light weight

I am very satisfied with this peacock hair clip, I tried it on immediately

 below are a heavy weight dragon key chain (good quality), dragon image pendent, clove necklace and a pair of heart shape earrings

I like this set of Jewelries, the quality is better than the earlier set above.
a closeup view of the dragon image pendent


  1. Wow so many things! The peacock hairclip is nice all right, very striking.

  2. I just did an online shopping few days ago. Usually I buy clothes and household stuff. Never buy jewellery online.

    Nice loots you have here. I like the peacock clip the most.

  3. Very nice stuff! I also love the peacock hair pin!

  4. Nice haul you have here, I like the dragon keychain and pendent, very nice


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