Tuesday 28 March 2017

Stunning Purple Orchid

One of our neighbours is an orchid seller.  His house has becomes an orchid nursery with lots of orchid plants, he has got several dogs to guard his plants too.

With a gesture of thanks for giving him some of our unwanted woods, he gave us a pot of this Purple Orchid.  Though it is only an ordinary orchid species, we feel very thankful.  

One thing I like about orchid is its long lasting flowers.  Here is the stunning purple orchid at its full blooms.   

There are a lot to learn about caring the orchids, but for now, let it blooms and we will learn as it grows.


  1. Orchids are beautiful and some colours are very rare. Lovely pot you have here.

  2. The purple orchid is very pretty. Orchids are supposed to be hardy plants but the orchid I bought died. Guess I do not have green fingers.


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