Saturday 26 January 2019

Buying a Drone & SIRM licence

Just end of last year, my better half bought a drone from a facebook seller.  We kept track of the shipment status until the stage where it said the parcel has arrived at destination.  After about 2 weeks of waiting, the parcel still have not been delivered to our door step yet.  We contacted the seller, he asked us to check with the post office. Upon checking, I was told that the parcel has been held by Customs pending for SIRIM licence.  A visit to the Customs section at post office, they are very helpful in explaining and guiding us on how to go about applying for the licence.  

Just for your information, drone is now a control item for security reasons.  Any importation of Drone must be approved by SIRIM.  Unless you are buying the drone from local sellers, I believe they have gone through the troubles in getting the licences done.

To apply for a SIRIM licence for my drone, I have to submit the forms from SIRIM, a copy of the invoice from the seller, a letter from post office Customs office, a photocopy of IC (front & back), specification details of the drone and model.  Submission of application can be done online at SIRIM website and a fees of RM100.00 to be paid online (I did my application online). Application can be done at SIRIM office as well.  The processing took less than a month after I submitted all the documents required by them.  Upon receiving a copy of the licence, we went to collect our long awaited drone from post office Customs Dept. A 10% Sales Tax is imposed on the purchase price.

At the Post Office Customs department, they asked us to open the parcel ourselves for inspections and take photos.  We sealed it back again and handed back to them until our SIRIM licence is obtained.
A copy of the product descriptions and manual 
 The accessories for the drone
 the main body parts of the drone
 Operational manual
Finally we got our drone.  It is very much like a toy to me.  We have not tried it out at the open space yet.  We have to practice to fly it first to avoid crashing it.  


  1. Wow!! Cool gadget. I haven't got one. Hahaha.

    Have fun with your drone. And Happy Chinese New Year to you and family.

  2. Your husband plays with the drone like a toy? Pretty troublesome to own one yeah?

  3. We have a small drone my husband likes to fly. We don't have to have a license but that day is probably coming soon!


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