Wednesday 27 February 2019

To take care of house pets

My brother's dog has given birth to 8 puppies a few weeks ago. It's not easy for the mother dog to provide enough milk to all her puppies. Since my better half is planning to have additional dogs to guard his new farm, we took 2 of the male puppies under our care at our backyard till they are big enough to be placed at the farm together with 2 of the adult dogs, one of them named Kiwi is actually their step sister from the same mother dog in her first delivery.
We carried them home in a box.  See how cute they are!! Both of them having the black patches evenly on the eyes like the panda.  Our girls have named them Pine (left) and Apple (Right) together they are PineApple. 😁

A week later, on a fine Sunday, my better half bought a male baby cat for RM70.00 from the Sunday market, the owner of the cat said it is a mixed breed.  My better half supposed to collect a number of fruits seedlings from the market but instead he brought back a baby cat. The fruits seedlings seller did not bring in the seedlings that Sunday.  Rather than heading home with empty handed, he brought this little cat for my eldest daughter as birthday gift as she has been asking to have a cat at home.

My girls named him "Toast".  I have no idea why they gave him this name.😂

He is so active that he bites our legs and toes, bites our fingers and hands when we hold him, though he has little teeth, it is painful too. He likes to scratch everything with his sharp nails.  He has put holes on our newly covered sofa.
At times he was so out of control that we have to put him inside a cage.  He started to bite the cage to find his way out.

He was very active and eating well for the first few days but got a cough and cold a few days later.  He started to have watery eyes and sneezing.  He lost his appetite, refused to eat the cat food.  We tried ways to feed him but failed.  We only managed to feed him Sardine with rice but after that he totally lost his appetite after only 1 serving.
We have to bring him to the veterinary clinic for treatments, 2 times in a week. 
The veterinarian was taking his body temperature.  He has a fever, cough and cold the first time we brought him there.  He was given an injection, 3 types of tablets and antibiotic.  

Being first time feeding medicines to the cat, it was a real struggle for us.  Both me and my better half have to coordinate well (one hold the cat and the other one feed the medicine) to ensure our little cat eats his medicine.  Luckily the veterinarian help us to trim his sharp nails.  
We brought Toast back to the veterinary clinic the 2nd time when we noticed that he totally did not eat again, merely drink sugar water and some milk.  He was only 0.7kg in weight.  Toast was given a jap because of no food intake.  We still have to feed him the rest of the tablets till finished.

The veterinarian recommended us to feed Toast with a special diet food during this recovery period.  It is from Royal Canin brand labelled "Recovery".  There is pork in the ingredient as informed by the veterinarian.  This cost RM14.90 per can from the clinic.

Very finely blended food exactly like the baby food.  It is suitable for cats and dogs.  It's smell like tuna. Toast absolutely loves this recovery food.  He would polish off every bit of the serving.  At the time of this post, we only left 1 last serving for him in the can.  He has fully recovered with clear big eyes now, he has obviously gained weight after a week on this diet.  

We are glad that he is well now, back to his active state again, climbing here and there and just this morning he sneaked out to our neighbour's compound.  Since he is still a baby cat, we have to make sure he is protected, therefore confine him within our house compound.  He will be let loose when his is bigger. Similar to taking care of a child 😁


  1. Never easy to take care and train pets. My youngest keep pestering for a pet. A big no for now. Haha.

  2. God bless you for taking care of the dogs and cat, but please remember to spay/neuter them when they are older.

  3. Your hubby must be a real pet lover! Wow, so many animals in your house now. Your house must be very noisy. They say that a man who loves animals has a soft and kind heart.

  4. Cute kitten an puppies! I love the names Pine and Apple. Your kitten looks like the first cat I ever owned named Stacey. Enjoy!

  5. Aww cute cute cute! That little cat sounds like quite a handful though.

  6. Cute and unique names for the cat and dogs


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