Monday 28 February 2022

3-D Jelly Craft

I tried my hands on 3-D Jelly Crafts few months ago.  It looks so easy to do.  To be honest, it isn't so.  Besides using the right tools, the type of colouring, the consistency and the temperature of the jelly has to be right too.  I haven't got them right so far even after watching so many tutorials and trials.  
I was so happy to produce this 3-D flower 

this is the best I did so far

Finally I just add the fruits into my jelly and concluded my trials of 3-D jelly crafts project for now.


  1. That is very interesting and beautiful! Even the one where you just added the fruit!

  2. I'm always intrigued by 3D jellies. They're just so beautiful. It's good that you have such an interest. A lot of hard work and patience are needed to churn out these beauties, which I don't have :P


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