Monday 28 January 2008


Another birthday celebration for the month of January. Isabella turned 4 years old on Sunday. Her birthday was celebrated at her apartment's club house where there are swimming pools for the kids as well as the adults. The birthday girl, Ish, Joshua, Kathleen and Edson are enjoying themselves in the pool when we arrived around 5pm. We were a bit late bacause when we were on the way, Pearl vomitted in the car and we have to turned back home to clean the car, Pearl and myself up before the vomit turn unpleasant.
Before arriving we make a deal with Crystal and Pearl that they have to take their food before they are allowed to dip in the swimming pool and they obeyed. We had Sphagetti, barbeque fish, chicken wings, sausages, beef soup, to go with mee and rice for the party.
Before dark all are ready to come out from the pool except Crystal. If not for the cake cutting, she would prefer to dip a little longer.

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