Tuesday 29 January 2008


I got tagged by Good things in life:

1) I love to eat: salad with all kinds of vegetables!
2) I hate to eat: oily food.

1) I love to go on: being healthy, happy and rich;)
2) I hate to go on: being sick, sad and not enough money in the pocket all the time:(

1) I love it when: all of us are free from pain and suffering, peace and hormony, without having to worry about money;
2) I hate it when: someone twisted the situation around and never admit their mistakes:Q

1) I love to see: the jackpot number that I bought came out first prize, yahoooo...
2) I hate to see: scary stuff

1) I love to hear: my father is well and able to walk again;
2) I hate to hear: same as aunty J, ie. horrible news especially about missing and abused children. GOD Please do something to stop all these cruelty acts.

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