Wednesday 7 January 2009

8th Anniversary

It was our 8th year wedding anniversary yesterday, 6th January. With this simple reason I decided not to cook at home but to eat out to celebrate just a family of four of us. Our girls still do not understand what anniversary is all about, they merely know there is something to celebrate and Crystal is particularly happy about the idea of eating out. We had a good meal but did not take any photos. After having a half cup of coffee with my meal I was unable to sleep last night. That coffee must be very thick. Gosh..


  1. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to you Agnes :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I didn't know you are only married for 8 years, I am 6 years your senior!!

    Anyway, know what? Yesterday (Jan 7) was my parents' anniversary. They were not in the mood to eat out (due to the bad doctor's report 2 days ago) so I cooked them a hearty meal at home instead. The way they savor all the food prepared, made me happy for a while.

  3. Happy 8th Anniversary Aunty and Uncle :)

  4. Happy Belated Annivesary to you!!.Agnes why not you link this blog to your new blog...


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