Friday 9 January 2009

Borneo fruit - Tarap

The Tarap, is a type of fruit belongs to Moraceae plant family and the cousin of Jackfruit. It can easily be found here, in the Borneo Island during its fruiting season. We have been enjoying this unique fruit since we were kids . The fruit looks a bit weird to many but the taste of the fresh is so yummy; it is generally very sweet and soft creamy in texture. Every single piece of its fresh comes with a seed, I remember my parents used to boil the seeds and we eat them too.

It is not easy to get my girls to eat fruits, they could be either fussy or not adventurous on trying new food. Crystal rejected the Tarap altogether by looking at the fruit when we first introduced it to her last season, after much persuasions, she tried a piece of the fresh and she loves it eversince.

We had one last night which Cletus bought on the way back from Keningau. Crystal and I finished most of it, Pearl tried one or two pieces too. It's generally sold at RM2.00 - RM5.00 a fruit depending on the sizes.

The skin of the Tarap

The delicious Tarap fresh

Enjoying the fruit

It gone. But I did not boil the seeds like what my parents did.


  1. it's look like cempedak! does it's taste like nangka or cempedak?

  2. Interesting fruit! I have never seen it before. Is it sweet?

  3. Beachlover, it does not taste like nangka or cempedak, it's sweet and smell really nice.

    HI, it is rare fruit, can not be found in other places except Borneo Island, probably in the Philippines.


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