Monday 18 May 2009

KFC Petronas Buddy Meal voucher

On our way to Melinsung Summer Bay Resort, Papar, yesterday morning, our car petrol indicator light started  to blink. Whilst busy talking, Clet drove passed several petrol stations without realizing it, finally he stopped at the Lok Kawi Petronas petrol station to fill up the tank before we proceed our journey. After filling up the tank, he came back with a smile and handed to me the bill and two KFC discount vouchers. He knows I love discount vouchers. It’s the KFC Petronas Buddy Meal voucher where you are entitled to buy a meal consist of 2 floats, 5 pieces chicken, 1 potato wedges and 1 coleslaw for RM22.50 (normal price is RM25.05), with a discount of ONLY RM2.55, sad to say companies like KFC and Petronas join effort can only offer their customers with this tiny little discount. But a lot may say RM2.55 is better than none.  What do you think?


  1. Being a KFC veteran, I would say it's too little discount offered. Who's the Marketing Manager right now? He/she is far behind my ex-boss, in miles that RM2.55 cannot purchase.

  2. come to think of it...memamg little lah the discount...they should at least give RM5 disc (much better)

  3. Hi Susan, I don't know who is the marketing manager now, RM2.55 discount is so miserable, isn't it? I still remembered I have got a courtesy free KFC meal from you at Karamunsing while you were still with KFC. Thanks.

    Carolyn, I agreed with you.


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