Saturday 6 June 2009

Tidying up...again

When we moved in to our new home 4 months ago, we basically just packed the stuff from our old home and unloaded them in our new home without proper planning, many of the stuff remained in the boxes or pushed into the store room. I realised that the room is now too packed for us to even go in to search for things we need. It's time for me to start tidying it up, hopefully I can find my blender to make some mangoes juice. I did find my blender jug but my blender motor still nowhere to be found. It took me 3 hours to tidy up this room.
Before tidying up, the door can hardly opened because there were stuff behind the door. Boxes filled with tupperware and other stuff were on the floor made it hard to search for things. Sometimes I find myself lost in there.

After re-organizing the stuff in the shelves, I was able to store more stuff in there. Less boxes are needed and the door can be wide opened now. All my tupperware containers, baking and cooking utensils are organised in the middle shelves (eye level position) so that I can find them easily. Not that I do baking or cooking all the time but it would be convenient for me to get them when I am in a baking mood. No excuses.
I found 6 lovely gala lilies glasses which we have been keeping for many years, it's time for us to use them now, rather than keeping them in the box for more forgotten years.

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