Sunday 23 August 2009

Our saturday

As a full time working mum, I always look forward to weekends. It's so relieve that I still can go back to sleep when I am awake at 6am during weekends, that I got to spend some time with my girls, not sit around but being around with them at home even though I am always busy with the never ending house chaos. Praying hard to become a WAHM with a helper so that I can spend quality time with my girls, being with them every single moment is a precious moments to me...though there are times they drive me nuts..:@

Our niece, Kathleen, came visit us today, and our girls are shouting with joy because we have been waiting to have her around. Kathleen brought along two VCDs. Their afternoon were filled with activities. They watched VCDs, surfing the web, colouring, blowing bubbles, sharing "junked" food (keropok & jellies), decorating cup cakes, went to church and had dinner together after the mass. Pearl was so exhausted that she dosed off right after dinner at the shop. Too excited to having Kathleen around that she did not take her afternoon nap.

watching TV while having afternoon tea with the cupcakes which they put the toppings on

the cupcakes that I baked for tea
colouing session in progress

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