Wednesday 19 August 2009

removing ear wax

The doctor prescribed this ear wax remover drop for our girls when we visited her clinic more than a year ago. We used it once or twice to ease the excessive wax from Crystal ears. This is the SOLUWAX ear drops , its function is for softening the ear wax thereby it can be removed or drop out by itself easily.

And last week Crystal complained that her ears were very itchy and kept digging them with her fingers when she was trying to sleep at night. She requested for the ear drops. But we had to get a new bottle as the one we have had already expired on 01.08.09. Even though it had only expired for about 2 weeks, to be safe than sorry, I got Clet to buy a new bottle.

I have been applying the drops on Crystal's ear for the last 2 nights, Pearl saw it and wanted the drops for her ear as well. She too having plenty of wax in her ears. We have never cleared our girls ear wax since they were born cos too scare to hurt their ears with the little scoopy thingy knowing their always on the move characters so it would be safer to use ear drops.

Pearl thought it is fun and giggling there when I put the drop in her ear, she supposed to tilt her head for 4-5 minutes, she does not even bother, started with her playful act soon after I put the ear drops. hmmm... How do you clear your children's ear wax??


  1. Does this medicine Works???

  2. Oww... I did use similar like this but seems like not working T_T... have to use the 'besi'... T_T.... But Using drops is much more safer.. ^_^

  3. Dry earwaxers like me will have to live upon ear drops. But one sure good thing about it - your girls will stay away from anti-perspirant deodorant for life! Save money and embarassment.

  4. MeRy, I think it works. After two nights using the drops Crystal has stopped complaining itchiness of her ears.

    Cath J, Scare to use "besi", cos eye sights not good and hands no longer firm :)

    Susan, yakah, I never know that o..

  5. huhu. i just had the same problem.
    tersumbat i think.
    doc. give me the same eardrop.
    im wearing almost 2 days now.
    sket2 baru dgr.. huhu
    but it did give me saket dada kan after using it?
    did ur kids feels it too? n a bit saket tekak. dont they?

  6. Hi I saw the blog to itself , I had used the cotton bud to clean wax , after that i could hear from 12 hrs today i went to doctor he gave me soluwax . i used it .I am feeling better , but there is humming sound comming from my ear .. is my ear drum ok ...

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