Friday 30 July 2010

Too busy to get myself organised

It's my youngest brother's birthday today, yes on 30th July. I has been too over occupied with office work, house chaos and other stuff that I have to think about and get over with, I did not realise that 30th is a Friday (I thought it's a Saturday), I have already promised SIL to bake a cake for her husband, Albert, so that she doesn't have to buy one. I feel very sorry to have upset her plan that I have to called Albert up to ask him whether he minds if I were to deliver his birthday cake one day late, jokingly he said he doesn't mind if I can deliver a cake to him everyday. haha...

Actually I have been looking forward to bake a cake for him. I ordered an edible image from KL a week ago just to make sure it can be delivered to me on time. The parcel was delivered a day later than the actual delivery date. I called up Poslaju and got them to sent to my office on Thursday.

Tonite, after coming back from Crystal's choir practice in the church at around 10pm, I started to bake a cake ready for decoration tomorrow morning, so that I can deliver the belated birthday cake to him as promised.

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