Wednesday 4 August 2010

A birthday cake for Albert

To follow up with my previous post, here is the belated birthday cake that I baked on Saturday for my youngest brother's birthday, I am so absent minded that I always forget that his birthday is actually on the 30th and not 31st. I will have to refer back to this post should I forget again. *0*.

Crystal was helping me to stick the smaller pieces of edible images to the side of the cake. Pearl helped out as well.

I would say less decoration work is needed with the use of edible images on the cake. I ordered this piece of sport car edible image from on line without knowing there are many on sale at the local ingredient shop, the price is much cheaper.


  1. Nice cake...with Hot Wheels....

  2. Your brother must be very pleased with your 'gift'.

  3. Mery, thanks for the compliment!

    Susan, o yes he is very happy, his son is much happier than him to blow the candles times and times again.

  4. I always wonder how edible images are made. Are they printed out from a special machine attached to the computer?


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