Wednesday 25 August 2010

Home baked molasses wholemeal bread

I tried to use molasses as sweetener instead of white or brown sugar in this bread recipe. The result -- it did not affect the texture of the bread besides being very much browner than usual, at first I thought my bread is burnt after one night of waiting and baking in the bread maker (I used delay mode, set timer to finish baking at 5am this morning).

In a morning rush, I managed to prepare 2 tea break meal boxes for Crystal & Pearl this morning, just to ensure they can have freshly baked bread than the normal canteen bought food. I also put in some honey stars in their meal boxes as additional.
The lesser portion is for Pearl, I am sure she will share her honey stars with her little friends in schools. Will have to ask them whether they finish their tea break treats or not later today. ;D

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