Sunday 8 August 2010

A trip to the state library

Our girls love to visit the book shops whenever there is one in the shopping complex, they usually pick a number of books from the shelves and sit themselves down on the floor in the book store, Crystal would start reading and Pearl usually flipping through the pages as she doesn't know how to read yet. They always treat the book store like library.

So the library is the best place for them to do so, they can read as many as they like and borrow some home as well. The state library allows its family card member holder to borrow up to 20 books at one time, it is sufficient for each of us to borrow some books home each time we visit the library.

Nice to see them reading booksI picked some books and sat down with them as well, my choices are mostly on baking, cooking and health.

Clet would soon becoming a Castor farmer, he chose some journals on planting

The books that we borrowed from the library recently


  1. I always bring Ethan to the bookshop such as Borders and all... the Library in KL is too far for us in the klang valley..

  2. Wow..I have not been visiting Library for so long. I used to visit Library when I was in SIngapore...sit there read magazine and books,have a sandwiches with a cup of hot tea at the cafe with cold aircon nice it is.

  3. The KK Library was used to be the "babysitter" for me and my brothers as our parents will drop us there after school and lunch and will onlyl fetch us after working hours. We go to the library almost everyday during weekdays and we enjoyed it ;p


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