Wednesday 22 December 2010

Blogging for Money

Majority of the bloggers are earning some form of rewards and some extra income through their blogs. Blogging is fun, and through blogging we are able to meet new friends whom have the same interests like us, the best thing is we are able to earn extra money just by doing the things we like to do, i.e. to update and share our interests through our blogs.

If you have a blog, why not start blogging for money? To find the legitimate sites that pay the bloggers for the efforts is hard to find. Recently I have found a site called YouSayToo. This site shares their adsense / amazon revenues equally(50/50) with their members, and for those who like to play online games, there are boxhead 2 and age of war for you in this site.

Check on YouSayToo now, I am sure there are good stuff for bloggers who are looking for additional avenue to earn some extra money.

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