Friday 10 December 2010

Dad is coming home

Just a short note to welcome my dad home today.

Yes, my dad finally received a green light from the doctor yesterday allowing him home this morning. I was delighted to receive this good news from my brother upon arriving home yesterday evening. Everyone show a sign of relieve, popping in and out of the hospital is over for us after a week, seems like a long week.

This morning, brother Alfred, happily getting ready to fetch my dad from the hospital. I am sure there are some waiting to get the discharge paper work done in the hospital, payment and collection of medicine from the pharmacy, my father will only be home around noon time.

Now it's time to get ourselves ready for Christmas!


  1. Glad to know that your dad is coming back home, in time to get ready and celebrate Christmas together. Take care.

  2. That is a good news...glad to hear that.


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