Monday 18 April 2011

Helping out with house work

My girls are willing to help out with the laundry whenever I ask them to, though with lots of "intervals" before finishing their tasks, they always fold the laundry and put them away nicely in the respectively drawers.

I have to come around to check on the progress every now and then, I always find them reading books, checking on their computer game or playing with their toys, that's what I call the "intervals", I will have to get them back to finish up with their job again.

With additional part time assignment on hand, I really need their helps on some of the house chaos, as they are still small there are nothing much I can assign to them apart from training them to tidy up the house, keeping their closet neat, sweeping the floor occasionally and some other light tasks. We do anticipate more house chaos after we move into our double storey home next month. Their little helping hands would definitely help me a lot.


  1. So nice, got little helpers... =)

  2. I love doing houseworks when I have the time, it makes me happy


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