Monday 11 April 2011

Update on House Repair

Here are some updates on our house repair. Though we are trying to minimize the repair work, it seems that changing of roofing, piping, wiring and tilings are inevitable at some parts of this a couple of decades old house.

repairing work in progress at the living and dining areas.

parts of the roofing in the master bedroom has been taken off, notice that a water tank is sitting on that 3 pieces of wood, it looks scary to me (whose knows it will fall down one day :(, so we are removing the water tank away from the ceiling and will be replacing one at the back of the house.
chunk and pieces of broken wood taken off from the ceiling and kitchen cabinets

We have set a time line to get the works done by the 1st week of May in order for us to start moving in.


  1. Means you and your family get to enjoy the next school holiday in the totally new environment.

  2. Hang in there... you and family will enjoy the new home soon~

  3. Lots of work to be done, but sounds exciting! Enjoy every moment - don't forget, you own the house!!!


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