Monday 11 July 2011

Home Lighting

We have moved in to our new home for about 2 months now, we are still unpacking our stuff which have been placed in the store room and other corners of our house. Those are the stuff which are not urgently needed so we could take our sweet time to take them out from the boxes.

Most of the room lighting installation are in place now that we could noticed we need some floor lamps to brighten up certain corner of the house. A lamp light will make a room looks cozy, make us more relax and at ease after a hard day work. Unlike table lamp, a floor lamp does not need a table, it can just stand on its own wherever we want it to be, it is highly portable.

I would prefer to have a Victorian style table lamp on the bed side tables and desk lamps with suitable lighting would be best for our girls' study tables. These are the lamps in our wish lists since we do not have any of them at the moment.

There are many designs and some are very stylish, whichever we choose they will have to match our existing home furniture.

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  1. You have been MIA kan? anyway nice to have you back, god bless and have a great week ahead ya


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