Monday 18 July 2011

Our Life with 2 hamsters

After much pestering by our girls to have pets in our home, we bought a pair of hamsters from the Giant Hypermarket's tamu where we supposed to check out some flowers & plants some 3 weeks ago. Among other stuff, there are puppies, cats, rabbits and hamsters for sale at the ground floor car park.

Crystal chose a black female hamster while Pearl preferred a white one without knowing it is a male hamster ("Ha..mine is a male!!!" she shouted :DDD), we brought home a pair of hamster with a little box and a pack of their food but without a hamster cage, thinking that our girls might just lose interest in them in a few days and decided to give them away so no point buying a hamster cage where we can borrow a bigger cat cage from our nephew.

The next 2 days, we were like cat and mouse with the hamsters. They kept sneaking out from the cage, to deter them from letting loose at night, we transferred them to a paper box without knowing how sneaky they are. They were gone the next day by making a hole at the bottom of the box. On that Sunday morning, we searched the whole ground floor of our house but to no avail'; just at the point of about to give up searching, Clet saw a sneaky nose under the TV cupboard, that's Crystal's black hamster, we also found Pearl's white hamster soon after that.

To have a peace of mind, we have no choice but to buy the cage for them. We bought a small yellow cage at first, later we were told that they multiply very fast. Scare of having too much trouble to take care of additional hamsters if they do multiply, we decided to separate them into 2 cages.

With the intention of buying a cheaper hamster cage, I browsed through and found a cute little purple cage just right for Pearl's hamster. I called the owner, he sent over the cage and we bought it off from him for RM12.00 the night itself.

So far, Crystal has been very consistent in feeding them, Pearl has seen to be lost interest in them, she only have a look at them when she walks pass or whenever her che che calls her to look at the funny acts of the hamsters, both of them will have a good laugh.

Here are our sneaky hamsters:

These hamsters are so active that they always kicked those wood pieces out from their cages, we have to put the cages into a big plastic container so that the wood pieces will not dirty the floor.

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  1. The kids must be having the time of their lives with their new pets. Every kids dream, including my boys...but...he just has to wait a little longer for his. I am still not ready to look after so many babies...hahaha!


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