Sunday 20 November 2011

Preparing for Christmas

November will soon be over, it's time to prepare for Christmas, the first thing to begin with the preparation is to put up the Christmas Trees, yes we have 2 Christmas Trees, 1 big and 1 small revolving Christmas Tree with lights.
Our girls are ever so excited to put the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

After attended our niece's abacus arithmetic competition at Suria Sabah this afternoon, we went into Metrojaya to have a look and feel the Christmas' atmosphere. They have put up a lot of very beautifully decorated Christmas trees at very departments and every aisles.

This red colour theme Christmas tree is our favourite.

Ornaments have been put up for sales, many type of colours to choose from for you to decorate according to your Christmas colour theme this year. Since we have many of our Christmas decorations which we have been keeping for many years, we did not buy any as we have already have enough.
Silver colour ornaments

The red ones

Admiring some of the beautiful ornaments

The purple ones

Ladies, the sales are on at Metrojaya in KK, some items are up to 80% discounts. I desperately needed to change my handbag, after searching through the bundle of handbags, I managed to get myself a very reasonable price handbag, it is not Coach, definitely not LV for the is only a GF (Gio Fiore), at 70% discount. Can you guess how much it is???

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