Monday 21 November 2011

Show case of flowers & plants

On once fine Sunday many weeks ago, we headed to Gaya Street to look for plants.

The Moss Roses or 9 O'clock flowers are the ones that I was looking for, cheap and easy to grow, so long as there are water and sunshine. I managed to buy these bundles of mix colours Moss Roses for RM1-RM3 (USD0.32 - USD0.99) per bundle.
Just plant them in a pot with good soil

The Moss Roses will grow easily and bloom in 1 - 2 weeks, this is what I like about these flowers, I have no time to take care of any flowers and plants. I only manage to have a glimpse of them during weekends and public holidays when I do not have to go to work. Because Moss Roses only open their beautiful petals from 9am or 10am and shy away around 3pm to 4pm, this is the time I am still at work.

These are some of the beautiful Moses Roses or 9 O'clock flowers at our front porch that I captured on one of the weekend.

and some outdoor plants which I do not know what's the name of these plants, hope you could help me out to identify their names...:D
This outdoor plants need plenty of water, no soil needed

very sharp leaves plants, I once asked my hubby whether this plant is suitable to be placed by the door, according to Feng Shui School of Taught, sharp edges items are not good for Feng Shui, what do you think???
These plants have more leaves than flowers, their leaves are of different colors, they are of same species...I think..??

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  1. hi, i love Moss Rose plant to and i think its got a lovely character to it opening at certain times of the day only. I wonder if the flowers are edible, u know like those used in cake/food decoration?....BTW what plant is pic no 8, green round thin stems? is it daun pegaga?


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