Wednesday 18 April 2012

The New Proton Preve

The much anticipated Proton Preve was launched last night.  If you have not seen the newly launched Proton Preve, here are some photos, they look really really nice to me, very elegant yet sporty.  The prices ranging from RM60K - RM73K depending on the model.  At first sight I thought it would priced at near RM90K.  

After sharing my views with my colleague, she would prefer to buy a Toyota Vios which is a foreign brand with a price similar to Proton Preve, simply because the earlier is a Toyota, not Malaysia made.  After so many years of our government's efforts to instill and promote Buy Local Products, it doesn't not seem to change our people's having the mindset of foreign products are much more superior than Malaysia made.  Though she prefers foreign brand, but she is driving Malaysian made cars..hahaha..simply because local made are more affordable.

Looking at the pictures, I really like to have the Elegant Brown one

I am attracted to this one -  The Elegant Brown 

More pictures & features here

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